2019-2020 Winter Sports Awards


Outstanding Teammate Award:  Cambridge Ewing
Rookie of the Year:  Gabbie Whitmire
Exceptional Leadership:  Journey Bowie
Ram Pride:  Ashleigh Martens

Women's Swimming

MVP:  Fiona Arwood
Coach's Award:  Abylyn Minton

Women's Basketball

Defensive Player of the Year: Zy-Nice Lane
Offensive Player of the Year:  Ashleigh Bethea
Coaches Award:  Ariana Dickerson
Most Improved:  Tymber Thompson

Men's Basketball

MVP:  Cameron Phillips
Sportsmanship:  Isaiah Dickerson
Most Improved:  Quinton Harris
Golden Ram Award:  Davin Miller-Madden

Men's Swimming

MVP:  Michael Lusick
Coach's Award:  Sam Interlicchia


Most Valuable Wrestler:  Wyatt Dunning
Most Improved Wrestler:  Jose Ortiz
Golden Ram:  Oscar Edrada
Mike Wilkerson Coach's Award:  Jesus Hernandez-Guzman








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