T.C. Roberson High School
Ring of Gold

"Legends of Roberson Athletics"


The Roberson High School “Ring of Gold” was created to recognize and honor former student athletes, coaches and administrators who have demonstrated excellence while involved in Roberson athletics.  These “Legends of Roberson Athletics” must have displayed outstanding achievement and service to the athletic programs as an athlete, coach or administrator while at Roberson High School as well as in their post-high school years.  In short, the “Legends of Roberson Athletics” must be the best of the best to have participated in the athletic program at T. C. Roberson High School. 


To be eligible for consideration into the “Ring of Gold”, a player must have been graduated a minimum of 10 years.  A coach or other administrator must be at least 5 years removed from Roberson High School.




2022 Ring of Gold Induction Ceremony

Saturday May 21, 2022





Ring of Gold Inductees

2022 Caroline Kirby, Nigel Jones, Lindsey Huntsinger Bercume, Rob Wilcher, Rich Larson
2020  Tim Epley, Shawn Alexander, Meghan Gilmore, Laura Beatty, Kyle Jambon, De'Von Mills
2019 Stacia Pomeray Auray (2000-2004), Joshua Gossett (2004-2008), Jennifer Kelley Sadler (1998-2002, 2011-2014), Pam Sizemore (2008-2017), Bill Lohr (1990–2018)
2018 Andrew Anderson (1985-1989), Caroline Taylor (2002-2006), Matt Wright (1995-1999), Darrin Ball (1989-2003), Kathy Eaton (1998-2016)
2017 Liz Smith Howell: (1995-1999), Carol Hyde Clark: (1988–2010), George “Tuffy” Clark: (1994–2010), Josh Baker: (2002–2006, 2010-2014), Mike Houston: (1996-2006), Wesley “Randy” Elingburg: (1970-1974)
2016 Paul Carpenter: (1981 – 1985), David Smith: (1967 – 1971), Cameron Maybin: (2001 – 2005), Fred Park: (1992 – 2010), Linda Owenby: (1989 – 2012)
2015 Courtney Chambers Mooney (1995-1999), Tony Baldwin (1969-1973, 1990-1996), John “JT” Labruyere (2000-2004, 2008-2011), Steve Carpenter (1979-1983,  1999-2008), Phil Shope (1968-1972)

Tiffany Allen Archuleta: (2000-2002), Christian Moody: (1998-2002), Jack Hendrix: (1962-1968 & 1970-1979), Dennis Presley: (1974-1978), Laneal Vaughn: (1980-1982)

2013 Eric Kenny (1973-1977), Katie Polonsky (1998-2002), Tom Leslie (1966-1970), Meredith Allen Goodlatte (1985-1989), Jerry Wilkins (1981-2001), Brandy Carland Alm (1994-1998), Brad Pomeroy (1998-2002), Tony Huntsinger (1962-1966)
2012 Manson LancasterChris Narveson, Jacob Mullis, Tom Smith, Scott Bradley, David Testo, Susan Bulluch Hartsell, Lowell Holland
2011 Joy Doner (soccer), Tom Franklin (baseball, basketball and football), Sarah-Vance Goodman (cross country, tennis and track), Danny Montgomery (baseball and basketball), Amy Price Peters (basketball, softball and volleyball), Richard Fox (ex-Rams club president and public-address announcer), Rich Sizemore (Coach-baseball, basketball, football and track)